Friday, June 13, 2008

Kim's Creative Corner Challenge

I'm a faithful reader of Kim's blog and decided to take her challenge. I love her owl card here and that black and green color inspired me to use the same colors on mine.

Here's mine:

I made this for a good friend of mine who is so thoughtful. Since my daughter was diagnoised with cancer, she has been checking in with me, just to see how she's doing and making sure I'm alright. She also coordinated meals after we came home from her surgery in NY and decorated our house! I know that if I need any help all I have to do ask. She ROCKS!


  1. Awesome card, Dana! Thanks for taking my challenge!

  2. Dear Dana,
    This card it's beautiful. I really don't know how you have time for this. You are defenetly out of this world. You are so talented and an special person.
    I pray for Emily everyday and I hope soon you can post a big and good news about cancer it's gone! I really hope that. I'm waiting for that miracle.

    Thank you for let me know about my HÄnglar. I'm so busy right now, but I will write you soon.

  3. I love love love your card. And my thoughts of strength go to you and your daughter.

  4. Such a gorgeous card - I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter - your family and Emily are in my prayers.