Thursday, February 7, 2008

Better Pictures!

Well, I think I did. You be the judge!

I think I have finally found a setting on my camera to take good photos of the things I've been doing. Tell me what you think.

Ready for the setting I used on my camera? FOOD! I have a Panasonic DMC-F27 that has all sorts of great modes on them. So, while my family was out of the house, I decided to play around and see which one came out best. I tried Auto, Portrait, and even Macro but the Food setting turned out the best!

Incendently, this is also my FIRST Criss Cross Card. It turned out pretty well so I decided to do another one.

But it's missing something isn't it? What do you think I should add to finish it?


  1. Great cards... and an awesome setting on your camera too!

  2. who would have thought to photo our works of art with the food setting? but then again, the cards are eye candy!
    great job on the criss cross cards, love the dp on the 2nd card. i always love ribbon on cards. if you think your missing something try adding some ribbon!

  3. Well, the cards look delicious so I guess the food mode fits ;) They are great!!!

  4. Great cards!! I love the lilac one especially. Since you asked... Maybe you could add something to the red strip on the second card, tie a ribbon around the card, or attach a flower, some buttons,stamping... But I like it the way it is too.

  5. Great cards! I think your pics are great, I am have a lot of trouble with mine all of a sudden so I am going to check out my camera and see if it has a food setting! I love the added flower on the first card!

  6. OooOoooooOO!! Awesome stuff!! :)

    And yes, you can. :)

  7. Great photographs! Wish I could figure out my camera like that! Guess I'll check for a food setting on mine, too!