Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine Gifts DONE

I fully expected to have a great weekend creating however, having my dear husband come down with some sort of flu like illness really put a damper on my time and creative juices. Instead of gating myself up in my scrap room, I ended up taking care of both DH and DD. See, DD had chemo on Thursday and by Friday and Saturday she ended up having her first side effects. :( Add that with DH being quarintened in our room (can't risk E getting what he has otherwise she'll end up in the hosptial), the kids were ALL MINE during the day.

So, I made up for it at night. I stayed up until 1AM each night (including right now when I should be SLEEPING) to get the girls Valentine's Day gifts completed along with DH's. See, I was terrified that I would end up sick like him and not having any time to finish theif gifts. I only have two things left to do: Print out the saying for S's card (Whoooo love ya?) and buy some chocolates/candy to fill their mailboxes.

Here they are:

Here is a close up of S's card. The matting is crooked! :( Do you think my two year old will notice???

I used copics for the first time too! I only had a few, so I had to make due but I LOVE them and need more. If I could just get my hands on the glitter ones...

And a close up of E's card below. She really loves cats right now so this is fitting for her! I again used the copics for the cat. SU ink for the You're Purfect and embossed it with clear powder to make it pop more. The colors didn't really come out right because some of the dots on the paper are the same as the mat. Gotta figure that out.

Thanks for looking! I'll post DH's book in a day or two.


  1. How cute!!! Great combo!!!

    Also thank you for stopping at my blog and the nice comment you have left!!!

  2. Emy's mailbox is cute. Hope she is feeling better soon.